SRN 1000 is great for Traffic Control.

Helps barricade or block off accident scenes

Our traffic control personnel are at risk every day because of the distracted drivers on the road which also leads to traffic congestion. Traffic congestion is Safety Barrier Hides Accident SceneRubbernecking Barrier goes nationalnot only a financial burden in our economy it’s a burden on the everyday driver  along with our first responders and public works officials! The SRN barrier system around a traffic accident will minimize rubbernecking and provide a more secure perimeter for public works officials, first responders and local and federal government officials!

When a driver can’t see the accident, their delay will be shortened. Many drivers have been guilty of holding their cell phones up to snap a few shots of the scene where their eyes are now focused. A minor traffic accident or even a motorist changing a tire can turn into a disaster zone very quickly making it dangerous for hundreds or even thousands of people. The SRN perimeter is set up within minutes securing the scene while controlling the traffic.  By utilizing the SRN barrier system to build your walls and perimeter on the highways today, rest assured that you will be able to perform your job without looking over your shoulder.  SRN has your back!!