Law Enforcement

By far the most applicable market for the SRN barrier system is within the law enforcement community. Police officers are tasked with a myriad of responsibilities and the SRN 1000 can prove beneficial in numerous circumstances.

Traffic Accidents – As the original intention of the company’s founder, the SRN barrier system is ideal for preventing onlookers from viewing vehicle wreckage and distracting drivers that might otherwise cause a follow-on accident. The SRN barrier system can fit easily in the trunk of a police cruiser and be set up by one person within minutes.

Crime Scenes – Nothing draws a crowd more so than out-of-the-ordinary drama, and few things are as dramatic as a murder scene or horrific roadway death. When these events happen in public view, it is virtually impossible for the victim or their families to maintain any seclusion. This is especially true with smart phone technology and the media on a continual hunt for breaking news. The SRN barrier can be set up quickly during or shortly after first responders attend to any casualties to maintain privacy and not infringe upon the integrity of the crime scene with tarps or cloths to cover a body.

Crowd Control – As the recent protests have shown us, if a crowd is active enough, they are willing to put their own lives in danger to make a point. The problem arises when their actions become potentially harmful to others. Because of the height of the system combined with very distinctive markings and flashing lights, the SRN barrier provides a very visible blockade that can be used to stop activity or help channel protestors to a safer location.

DUI Checkpoints & Vehicle Searches – It is no secret that our law enforcement officers have come under great scrutiny in recent years. And although it is not the intention of an officer to conceal any evidence, it can be beneficial to have some seclusion when trying to conduct operations. In addition, if a vehicle search is necessary, the SRN barrier can offer privacy to any potential subject as well.