The VA Medical Mockup Using the barrier for Privacy


SRN, Inc. system is protecting patients at the VA Medical Center in Nevada

In the past, the SRN1000, a privacy screen and barrier system, was used mostly for law enforcement to protects and conceal victims of accidents and their families from prying eyes.

Now, however, the SRN system, developed and patented by SRN, Inc., is being used in a variety of industries, including the healthcare field. Felix Acevedo, Jr., the emergency manager at the VA Medical Center in Nevada, tells us how this unique, easy-to-use and durable barricade system can be applied to a wide variety of applications.

At the VA Medical Center in Nevada, the SRN 100 has been utilized for several different functions throughout the medical center, including:

  • Training cubes where one-on-one training was done in a general-purpose room.
  • Point of Dispensing (POD), a mass medication dispensing location that is capable of providing pills, tablets, capsules or vaccinations to protect the general population from biological threats or epidemics, site exercises. The barrier ensured patient information was secured and the transaction was private.
  • Medical Surge events where patients were provided privacy when additional temporary beds were added in the emergency department.

Currently at the VA Medical Center in Nevada, the VA police, emergency department, the decontamination team and the nurses use the system.

“The system is so helpful because it’s easy to set up and demobilized (less than 5 minutes) and has a very small storage footprint,” says Acevedo. “It takes minimum effort to provide a quick solution that provides privacy for many different types of functions.”

The SRN system provides the healthcare system a way to quickly deliver service in a private and secure manner. These barriers can be setup as:

  • Mobile office cubes, which can also allow for staff training
  • Event registration area
  • A room within a room
  • Skills fairs

“Space is critical in every healthcare facility,” says Acevedo, “and these barriers allow services to be expanded quickly to meet unexpected demands and even for planned events. They are cost effective and portable and can be shared throughout the facility in minutes.”

Click here to see the SRN1000 in action or here to see a demo video.

SRN, Inc.’s mission to internationally maximize privacy for patients and accident victims has reached 27 U.S. states with over 250 units sold. A full list of SRN, Inc.’s customer can be found here. The SRN system can also be found in the United Kingdom and Canada.