Because of the enormous size and breadth of the federal government, there are undoubtedly countless uses and applications for the SRN 1000. However, one area of particular feasibility would be within the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), which provides on scene incident command support and operations during natural disasters and catastrophic events.

Incident Command Posts

Although command posts are utilized by state and local entities as well, the Incident Command System (ICS) was born from FEMA and has proven to be a highly effective method of organizing relief and operational efforts during disasters. A distinguishing problem, however, is this effort typically involves utilizing a large space such as a school gymnasium, which is sometimes many miles from the actual catastrophe. With the unlimited length and customizable shaping of the SRN barrier system, these command posts can be set up very quickly and allow for designated divisions that are clearly marked on the SRN barrier itself. As an example, a FEMA office can have a complete set of barriers at the ready with customized signs (eg: Operations, Response, etc) that are lighted and stand over 6’ high making them clearly visible to prevent confusion or distortion of personnel.

Disaster Relief

In the event of a natural disaster such as a tornado or something of catastrophic proportions such as 9/11, it is a virtual certainty there will be mass confusion, disorder, and a need for assistance. With the SRN system, first responders or other assisting personnel can quickly create relief posts with designated signs to best aid victims or bystanders. This would include a post for ‘Missing Persons’, ‘Medical Services’, ‘Emergency Services’, or any number of platforms used in such situations. With the use of lighted beacons, these posts can be easily distinguished allowing operating crews not to be interrupted with a barrage of civilians needing support.


Emergency situations are stressful situations for both the EMS personnel and the victem. The SRN 1000 offers privacy, security and safety needed in high stress emergencies.

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