Entertainment and Hollywood need privacy and safety for the stars!

Entertainment and Hollywood

Entertainment and Hollywood

As it is quite common movie or television crews commandeer a public location for filming, such events are often bogged down with paparazzi and other bystanders. In addition to privacy concerns, the lack of seclusion also creates an element of safety and security for celebrities or other essential personnel. As the SRN barrier system can be unlimited in length and stands six feet tall, there is very little a film crew could not do without being interrupted by onlookers. Because of the ability to customize a shape, the SRN barrier can also be used to segment divisions of the film crew or serve as a changing station for costume replacement.

Providing Privacy, Safety, and Security


  • Maintain your personal privacy by eliminating unwanted pictures being taken by the Paparazzi.
  • Use for make-shift Privacy areas for on location shoots
  • Use in case of emergency management situation
  • Security can use to usher celebrities in and out of designated establishments
  • Use to create, or separate a VIP Line