Dedicated to Improving Safety, Security & Privacy.

SRN, Inc., DBA Stop Rubbernecking is a family owned and operated business, out of Bradenton Florida, that was started by Carl Cannova 3 years ago. Several years ago Mr. Cannova was stuck in Safety Barrier Hides Accident Scenetraffic, and when he reached the accident he noticed people taking pictures, slowing down and gawking at a fatal accident that should have been kept private. Keeping it from public view would have not only kept traffic moving quicker but it would have given the victims of the accident and their families the privacy that they needed in a very difficult time. It would have also provided the officers and public officials, on the scene, the safety and security that they needed to conduct their investigation. After a few years of research and development SRN has a single focus; to assist first responders by providing the most innovative and versatile privacy, safety, & security barriers on the globe.  Our products are developed and manufactured in the USA incorporating these key features:

  • They must be lightweight, portable/mobile and easily assembled by a single person.
  • They must be customizable and expandable so they can be configured to function in difficult environmental conditions and for a wide range of purposes.

Here are ways that we have made a difference in the community:

  • Tennessee Bureau of Investigations – Created a package for over 10 specialized barrier
  • National catastrophes and tragedies – SRN products were utilized by first responders in the Pulse Nightclub shooting in Orlando and the San Bernardino mass shooting.
  • C4L & Associates – The SRN System has been used in many rescue operations providing coverage and privacy for victims all over the world.
  • Federal Agencies – NY & NJ Port Authority, Department of Army, Ft. Leonard Wood Military Police and FEMA
  • Law Enforcement and Civil Service agencies – customers in over 40 states across the USA.
  • State and Federal agency channels –Law Enforcement, crime scene investigation; County Government, judicial system; State Police, traffic fatalities; Federal Government, dignitary privacy and protection; Emergency Management, mass catastrophe and triage; and, US MilitaryBranch, policing efforts.