The Ultimate Portable Barrier System

Quick Deployment – Durable & Wind Resistant – Flexible & Customizable – No Tools Required

Our barrier is the only barrier system in the world that is flexible, can be deployed in minutes by one person without any tools and  will withstand a wind speed of up to 30mph.

American Owned and ProudWe are a family owned and operated American business. We assemble our products in Bradenton, FL.

OUTSTANDING!!! We have been looking for this type of barrier system for a long time. We are very pleased, as well as our Evidence Techs. Our Major Crimes Task Force also uses the barrier system. We have put in a request to purchase another barrier system in the upcoming year.

Skokie Illinois Police


Police put up a privacy shield while they investigate the area... after a suspect was fatally shot...November 3, 2014

Police put up a privacy shield while they investigate the area… after a suspect was fatally shot…November 3, 2014

Top Industries Using our Barrier Systems

  1. Law Enforcement
  2. EMS/Fire
  3. Hospitality
  4. Universities & Schools
  5. Hospitals
  6. Airports

Over 1000 Law Enforcement Agencies Use the SRN 1000


We’re Growing Fast!

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